Parallel Programme

In the parallel program will be presented:

  1. Photo exhibition ESTRANGEMENT
    Author: Tina Dović
    With schooling, a Roma child becomes a prisoner of big, closed spaces, unknown tongue, faces and voices. The colours of his own world are much nicer. The photo series is exploring the problem of identity of children who have to find their way in two very different worlds.
  1. Photo exhibition ROMA AMONG US
    Author: Borut Peterlin 
    A Slovenian photographer, Borut Peterlin, has been accompanying the Roma in Dolenjska region in their every-day struggle for a better life, mainly through reportage photography. In this manner, he presents the situation and personal stories that the Roma face at almost every step of their lives to the wider public.
  1. Exhibition GROWING HEARTS FROM KERINOV GRM / Vodžorja zur Krugljo ber barjove
    Authors: Roma educational incubator Krško – RII Krško
    On special photo panels, the members of the Roma educational incubator Krško will present the main activities of the programme Steps towards integration.
  1. Photo exhibition BRIDGE TOWARDS ROMA
    The authors of the photos are the students form the grammar school Novo mesto and Eppingen and also the Roma involved in primary school for adults at RIC Novo mesto:
    Jaka Piletič, Nuša Kastelic, Joy Lauter, Johnny Benz, Tabea Meingast, Dalibor Jurkovič, Aleksandra Hudorovac
    The exhibition was set within the bilateral Comenius school partnership between Novo mesto and Eppingen in Germany. The purpose of the project was to illuminate the current issues of integration in multi-ethnic Europe. In Slovenia, the students learned about the poor and discriminatory living conditions, in which most of the Roma live today. They got to know the children and young people from the Roma settlements Brezje and Šmihel in different educational institutions. The photo exhibition was created as one of the project activities.
  1. Eco– Ethno Romani fashion project
    The brand Amulet was created within the project Eco – Ethno Roma Fashion. The presented collection and the path of its creation are equally important. They derive from the needs of people in the area of south-eastern Slovenia and from a desire to eliminate discrimination and social distance between the Roma and non-Roma. Within the social matrix, we may be different – however, we are universally equal. The brand Amulet is being formed through the respective process of creating modern fashion, and it is dedicated to beauty, joy, health, love, and success. Even the aesthetics, quality and contents of our modern fashion communicate in a universal language which knows no boundaries and ethnic or any other kind of prejudice.
  1. Dance performance of young Roma women from Kočevje (activity within the project SORO – Cooperation for the health of Roma people)
    Performing: Vlašič Anita, Bartol Mirjana, Švarc Jasna, Tivadar Veronika, Cvetka Vlašič, Darinka Kovačič, Vlašič Nataša, Horvat Laura, Hudorovič Petra, Ismeta Kovač, Železnik Azra, Bartol Tamara
    Within the project SORO, one of the programmes is dedicated to the promotion of healthy lifestyles and prevention of drug addiction among the Roma. This autumn, a special dance course for Roma girls was carried out with the purpose to realize the importance of regular physical activity for health in an educational and enjoyable way. The participants regularly attended the course, which took place in the Jasmina dance school. They were enthusiastic about the course, so some of them have already enrolled in other dance classes. At the conference, the participants of the dance course will present the dance performance for the first time.